What is "BELLCOIN"?

BELLCOIN is a pure P2P electronic money that does not pass through financial institutions or third party institutions, so direct online transactions become possible. This system prevents double transactions in P2P electronic money, a series of chains not only prove transaction history, but also prevent attacks from the outside of tampering in the past. There is also a characteristic that freedom from participation is free.


How can I get a "BELLCOIN"?

BELL COIN is the unique cryptocurrency of "Bell Wood". Currently, it is limited sales for pre-sale, and it is possible to exchange with BTC and ETH. If you are thinking about purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bell Wallet

Features of "Bell Wallet"?

It is the official cryptocurrency wallet service offered by Bell Wood Ltd., which runs a cryptocurrency exchange in Republic of Malta.
In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum which are the most popular cryptocurrencies, you can store Bell COIN, which is Bell Wood's unique cryptocurrency.
Also, if you are dealing between Bell Wallets, you can use the e-mail address registered at the time of account creation as the address of the remittee.

* Currently, only BELL COIN can use this function, and other cryptocurrencies will be implemented sequentially..


Regarding the transaction start between altcoins.

From 2019, Bell Wood will build a website to start a unique OTC business for altcoins with a low market capitalization. We are planning to prepare an application forum for customer who wish to OTC and respond by e-mail to the application.